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GMC to look into higher number of complaints against overseas trained doctors

Why are UK doctors who trained overseas, disproportionately represented at the GMC fitness to practise hearings???  BMJ  2007;335:320 (18 August):

“Figures released by the GMC last month show that of the 3086 complaints lodged against doctors in 2006 where the doctor’s country of training was known, nearly 40% referred to overseas trained doctors—roughly in proportion to their numbers in the NHS workforce—but the percentage of overseas trained doctors who were then referred to hearings was twice that among UK graduates (34% versus 16%).  Overseas trained doctors also appeared more likely to be struck off: of the 54 doctors removed from the medical register last year, 35 of them had trained abroad.  

The figures only refer to whether a doctor graduated abroad (either within the European Union or in other countries) or in the UK so do not give details of nationality, language, or ethnicity.  

A British doctor who trained in Australia would appear as an overseas graduate, while an Iraqi who trained in the UK would appear in the British statistics.”  

So basically we can’t say anything without having the right figures. I would think it does make a difference how well someone speaks our language etc.

So it is nice to know, but I would say BMJ and GMC, investigate further before making these sorts of misleading figures public.

You can read the EXTRACT HERE.


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